A simple step process to meet your event’s needs.

Palo Alto Catering

Speak to an Expert

We schedule you an appointment with one of our event experts to help you design your event. We are here to help you customize as much or as little as you need.

Our experts have produced a plethora of events, including some of the largest commercial holiday events in Northern California.

Palo Alto Catering

Customize your Event

  • Choose from a wide variety of services we can provide:
  • -Event staff, servers, waiters, parking and security staff
  • -Custom food dishes
  • -Plates, glassware, utensils, including fine china & silver
  • -Theme development
  • -Décor, including specialty linens, floral, signs, & place cards
  • -Custom menu creation
  • -Lighting
  • -Photographers
  • -Live entertainment
Palo Alto Catering

Let Us Focus on the Details

Little things mean a lot, especially when you are hosting a party or event. People notice the details, so let our expert planners at Palo Alto Catering Company help you make sure that every important facet of your event is covered.